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  3. maaaann

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    Yes Lawd

    Yes. LAWD!


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  5. *Rub’s your clit as a friend*


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    I will never understand how we as Americans spend billions of dollars to go to the moon, while ignoring the problems right here on planet earth that half a billion dollars would solve overnight. 

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    artist : Gerardo Castro
    work : flowers for the dead

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  9. WoC are beautiful. <3

  10. classic

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    Katt Williams: Dave Chappelle Is Funnier Than Me

    Yooooooo this shit gets deep

    Yooo speak TRUTH KATT!!!!

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  12. bout that life

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    Selfie overload

    I dont know what attracts me to women in glasses, They seem sophisticated but they only wear them cuz they cant see…


  14. kingbenjammin:

    Moments like these I wish I had thick thighs straddling my head pulling me closer to the running river.

    Moments like these I wish I saw shadow on the wall lit by candles of the arch in your back while you ride this freight train.

    Moments like these i wish you were in that position i like on all…

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    Alexey Shved and Kawhi Leonard — 2013 Rising Stars Challenge

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